Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the JONEZIE user is trustworthy?

JONEZIE is built on trust. So is every good relationship, including your relationship with the Renter and Lister. We here at JONEZIE provide you with a number of tools to help make sure you feel comfortable and secure in renting your Item: you can check the Lister’s reviews and Trust Factor rating on his or her profile; and, JONEZIE provides you a Happiness Guarantee. That means that if your Item is damaged or not returned, we’ll pay for the value of the Item. We do this by charging the Renter’s credit card, or even by digging into our own coffers. We got you. However, as the sharing economy has demonstrated over the past several years, problems are rare and usually minor. JONEZIE is a community ­first and foremost. We believe in the power of the tribe.

Are there any Items I can’t list?

Yes. Here at JONEZIE, we’re about safety, community and good vibes. So, that means you can’t list weapons, anything that doesn’t work how it’s supposed to, drugs, your intimate collectibles or anything living. Use your best judgement.

Am I responsible for making sure Renters know how to use my Item?

No. By signing up for JONEZIE, Renters have agreed to the Terms of Service, which state that they are responsible for their own ability to use Items. Morally, we’re all about lending a helping hand. Make sure your Listing descriptions are clear and, if a Renter has a question, be a pal. It helps the rental go as smooth as possible, from start to finish. Plus, you’ll feel like a good neighbor (because we know you are).

How do Renters pick up my Item?

Great news: That’s up to you. Meet at homes, in a public place, or take an adventure together. JONEZIE a has messaging system which allows you to communicate with the Renter to coordinate a time and place, so you don’t have give out your personal digits. We think the messaging system is pretty cool, and it also helps protect you ­so you should use it. JONEZIE tends to attract like­ minded people ­sharing and caring. With our message system you and the Lister can agree on the most convenient pick­up location, so that everyone is HAPPY. Meet at home. Meet in a public place. Hey, meet at DQ for a cone for all we care (and we do!). It’s just important that you communicate clearly with the Lister using the message system on our platform so you’re safe and secure. It’s our way of keeping you from being Craiglist Catfished. Rent safe, people.

How and when do I get paid?

JONEZIE’s third­ party payment provider, Stripe, processes the rental transaction. FYI: Stripe’s Terms and Conditions are included in the Terms of Service. Stripe ensures the process is PCI compliant and your information is secure. The Renter’s payment (the Rental Fee) is transferred when you confirm the rental transaction. In most cases, you will receive payment within 2-­3 business days after the Item pick­up is confirmed. JONEZIE keeps 15% of this payment to help cover processing fees. This also helps us launch quality updates, improve our marketing position for our listers, and helps us provide an incredible user experience.

What is the JONEZIE Community Fee?

JONEZIE has a Happiness Guarantee. It’s what makes renting your Item on JONEZIE safe and secure. To protect you and your Item and to constantly improve your customer experience, JONEZIE uses this 5% to cover costs associated with credit card fees, banking fees, and to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

What if my Item is broken/damaged/not returned?

Accidents happen. As a peer-to-peer community, our goal is that good people come together to work through their problems and solve their differences. If something were to happen we ask that you contact JONEZIE customerservice to resolve any issues, before you contact the renter. Our Happiness Guarantee means that if your Item is damaged or not returned, we’ll pay for the value of the Item. We do this by charging the Renter’s credit card, or even by digging into our own coffers. So no worries. Rent on! Be you. Of course, working in a marketplace where other people are renting Items, we encourage you to peek around and see what your competition is charging.

Can I connect with others on JONEZIE and make transactions in-person, in-cash?

Peace of mind is a beautiful thing. Renting through JONEZIE, you know who you’re renting to and that your stuff is protected. If you meet off­line and rent, you lose these safeguards. So don’t do it. Also, to protect the members of our JONEZIE community, our message system doesn’t kick in until the Renter requests to rent your Item. If you deny the Renter’s request, that’s cool. We’ll ask you to let JONEZIE know why, however, so we can monitor the Renter and make sure he or she is a type of people we want in the JONEZIE community. But, keep in mind that repeated denials may raise suspicions that you’re using JONEZIE to solicit renters off­line, and that’s not cool. We may remove your account or Listing should the practice continue.

Where and when do I return my rented Item?

You get to request the period of time that you want to rent the Item. As long as it’s available on the rental calendar, you’re good to go as long as the Lister gives the thumbs ­up. As far as returning the Item, that’s ultimately up to the Lister. We let you decide. Again, you can use our messaging system to communicate with the Lister as your adventure takes course. What works for you two, works for us.

What if the Item is not how it was described in the Listing?

Good question. We want you to feel good about what you rent. That’s why we have you inspect the Item when you pick it up. Kick the tires. Ask questions. Start the machine. To keep things moving and make sure we’re on top of any problematic Items, we give you a 2 ­hour window to do this guilt free. If you find something out­ of­ place, your rental will be refunded. If something pops up after the 2­ hour window, you may be entitled to a pro rata refund. You just have to take a pic, submit a claim and return the Item to the Lister. Prices are set by the Listers. It’s their stuff, after all. You can shop around, and we encourage you do so! JONEZIE will help point you in the right direction.

Does JONEZIE have any protections in case I am injured?

Sure. By signing up for JONEZIE, Listers guarantee that the Items they list work and work as they should. And they make that same promise to you in the Rental Agreement.

What happens if I break/damage/lose my rented Item?

Accidents happen. And life’s about owning up to our mistakes. As a peer-to­-peer community, our goal is that good people come together to work through their problems and solve their differences. So, JONEZIE encourages you and the Lister to hash things out. #namaste If you and the Lister can’t come to a resolution we default to the age old adage: if you break it, you buy it. To make things easy and to give the Lister some stress­-relief, we pay the Lister the value of the Item by charging your credit card. Easy peasy. Like a good neighbor, is there.